Wednesday, February 11, 2009


How about a trip with the girls to see George Strait!! Jessica, Becky and I are heading to Salt Lake City on July 7th for the concert of a lifetime; for us at least. George Strait is one of our all time favorites and he rarely ventures this far in our direction so we have to take full advantage of this opportunity! :) Hopefully Tara and Debbie will decide to come with us. We absolutely cannot wait for this summer. This is going to be my first road trip with Jessica, aside from when we were kids. Becky and I have definitely had our fair share of weekend trips, so it will be fun to have more of the sisters. Shaun may come along, but can't decide if he is brave enough to handle all of the Weeks ladies for a few days. He is getting ready for a guy's trip to Vegas sometime in April. It's going to be his first time there and I am so excited for him. He's going to LOVE it!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Crunch Time!

My sister Becky asked me today if I would like to be her partner for the "Mad Hatter Relay" that is coming up in March. The relay is part of the women's fitness program in Boise and is for teams of 2. Each team mate will run two miles, then hand off their wacky hat (instead of a baton) to the other team mate. Each person has to run 2 sets for a total of miles. Sounds pretty simple, but to tell the truth, I am definitely NOT a runner. I decided to accept this as a challenge and give it a chance. If I can handle it I may consider training with Becky for the 10K run she is gearing up for this May. I'm going to hit the gym tonight and see how well I do on the treadmill. Keep your fingers crossed for me!! Who knows, this may be the kickstart I have been needing to get into the groove. I figure I have 20 pounds to go to make myself happy, but my mini goal is that I want to look decent in a pair of shorts this summer. I guess I had better get cracking! I welcome all advise and support!! :-)