Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel...possibly?

I've been working on transitioning Ava into her crib over the last couple of weeks and it has been tricky, to say the least. I haven't been able to get her to stay asleep longer that 15 minutes in the crib and I end up giving in and putting her to bed in her Fisher Price sleeper (which she is now too big and too smart to be in). Well, as I type this, she is napping in the crib and has been doing so for the past hour and 13 minutes. I just laid her on top of a fuzzy blanket that is a little more cozy than the crib sheet. Will this solve my problems? I hope so! I think she likes laying on her tummy and having the blanket on her cheek :-)


Catherine Smith said...

Ahhh! She's so cute and sweet. She'll get it and she'll learn to love her crib. Then she will eat it (really----in about 1 year you will have teeth marks everywhere) and then she will learn how to climb out of it. It's so much fun! She's sooooooo cute!

Trey&StefK said...

What a little sweetie! We had a similar problem with Maddox. He was used to sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed. I eventually figured out that if I draped mine and Trey's shirts that we had worn that day near the crib he slept a lot better. I think it was he still "smelled" that we were there. Weird, I know :) Good luck!