Sunday, June 17, 2012

Handbags and lipstick

Ava loves to help me put on makeup in the mornings. She is always so cute about it and sticks her face really close to mine when she wants some of what I'm using. Her favorites are the lips and my big powder brush. She's had a rough week of injuries (has a HUGE purple bruise on her cheek from falling into the rocking chair) so we went to Target to get her a set of her own...all plastic of course. She LOVES it! The set came with a mirror compact, lipstick, glasses, keys, a wallet with credit card, and a really cute purse. Well...the purse has gone everywhere since. She puts it on her shoulder while she rides in the shopping cart; even at 6:30 when we went to Albertson's to get Shaun some Father's Day donuts today. Check her out, a girl after my own heart!

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